Designing the customer experience of the future.

How do we design the customer experience of 
the future?

Our retail client was seeking to re-envision their digital experience in order to meet consumer needs that would arise several years into the future.

Our Approach

We conducted a multi-phase approach designed to understand consumer trends and cultural factors that would shape the digital e-commerce experience of the future, including:

  • A Trends Workshop to identify trends that are impacting consumers, technology and retail experiences.
  • Semiotic Analysis to analyze cultural trends and future themes that are shaping the current world of e-commerce.
  • Qualitative Click-Alongs to understand how consumers are currently navigating digital experiences.
  • Quantitative Shopper Journey to measure consumer behaviors and expectations through the end-to-end e-commerce experience.
  • Global Team Immersion in countries that are leading in digital customer experiences to understand how these regions around the world are changing the face of e-commerce today.

The Result

We summarized the insights from all phases in a design-driven hardcover book which provided a vision of the future and a mandate for innovation within the organization.

Designing the customer experience of the future.