Solving the brand linkage problem in digital advertising.

Like many brands, our gaming client was shifting more and more to digital advertising.

This shift was causing challenges for brand linkage, particularly when ads had very short durations, or when they were enabled with skip functionality. Our client was seeking to understand how they could most effectively link their brand to their advertising creative in the context of a digital environment.

Our Approach

We presented creative content to respondents in ways that would replicate a real-life ad viewing experience in an online environment. Respondents viewed the ads embedded into a streaming video site or in a mock social media page. These digital environments were fully customized to replicate what gamers would see in real-world experiences on their computers or mobile devices. We even allowed the viewer to “skip” the ad as they would in real life, and analyzed the impact of skipping on brand recall.

The Result

The results identified a branding strategy that was the most effective at driving recall in digital environments, even in the event that an ad was skipped. This helped our client to determine the ideal branding and media mix to feature in their digital advertising and also informed their overall digital strategy.

Solving the brand linkage problem in digital advertising.